Fixing glitched accounts 📌


Now, we’re gonna remove Panda’s gunner. Just because.


I need help of everyone to make it bit viral on different places like in the chat on FFT and other places where you guys discuss about FFT. (twitter/facebook/kongregate etc)

Fighting with Glitched accounts is not something we can fight alone but need everyone’s support


I’ll also answer this, in these cases they can email us but the point here we still have one month and if the community wants they can spread this msg to everyone.

so all we need is support from you guys to make it successful. we cant do a magic alone.


i upgraded some heroes with glitched money, can you make all of my heroes 3+ in all upgrades? because i upgraded them all to 3+ by myself before…


G4. MarkRMiller Old rank, Maj. MarkRMiller


Cheeky, I saved 250k to buy it back


I am really not sure how to translate from English to English.

Title is fixing glitched accs. So where did u pull out we gonna demote entire FFT,ppl who didn’t get glitch?

I will publish my list of glitched accs later. Who got some free time,please take a look and say if someone doesn’t belong there. In case u are glitched and already reported to me,u are on the other list.

No worries @Buttersolace , it has to be done. :relaxed:

There is no such a thing as a perfect solution here,many of glitched accs are originally even lower than Lft. And when I say many,thats about 70-80%.


U can check out list on this link


No saltiness please, it was just my observations based on the OP of this thread. I didn’t say the entire community either, take a look at my post again.


Who is talking to u,again…?


Either way the the OP was confusing, it could’ve been interpreted in any way. Ankit and Jeremie cleared everything up.


Are there any glitched maps left? or did they get fixed?


This still stands. Got 30+ names already for 1 day.

Found out today who was creating them and on what way. We gonna look into it and try to fix.


What will happen to the inactive players that got the glitch?


Not our problem, really. It’s very qestionable would they be in game at all. 1 month is fair time.


“Fixing” lol
This will only lead to more complications because, as with everything fft-related, things never happen as planned.

Also, if upgrades are truly as useless as you say they are every other day, doesn’t it make this a useless deed? If so, why make devs waste their time?


andrea u didnt add me im rocking old rank g1 now im g2


I have another list for ppl who reported it.

I’m glad u can see the future now. Is that one of ur abilities? Also[quote=“deaaa0803, post:27, topic:3557”]
There is no such a thing as a perfect solution here

I’m surprised that u don’t know the answer.


Lft and only gunner? That’s a bit too much since a normal lft now will have gunner and an other class as well.


Sure. And they gonna gift me 100h of my life spent on hunting accs which sit about 1h in room where they couldn’t move just to be pain in the ass later for fixing.

Read all pls next time.