[Finished] $10,000 Y8 and id.net 1 Week Game Developer Contest!


Hi, I’m happy to announce that Y8 and id.net are having a game developer contest starting March 9th. It will last 1 week from the starting date. The rules are simple and fair too. Make a game, add 2 id.net features, submit the game to the jury. The jury will decide who the 5 winners are.

Contest Theme is finally revealed!!!

Time Travel, Portals, Easter.

Can you think of a game which can use one, two or all three keywords of the Contest theme? We bet in $10,000 that you can make various fancy things for our first game development contest!

Don’t forget The Rules:

  • Contest Theme is mandatory. Pick one, two or all three themes to craft your own game.
  • Implement at least 2 id.net Features before you compete for up to $5,000 cash prize!
  • The contest is open for 7 full days. Afterwards, all entries are published live on Y8.com and evaluated for 7 days.
    Read the id.net documentation at http://dev.id.net

The judging Criteria:

  • Master the art of ID.net Features
  • Gameplay Mechanism
  • Player Engagement
  • Creativity, Originality, Sound

--------- Useful Links ---------
ID.net Game Contest

Official Terms and Conditions

--------- Submit Entry ---------
Submit before March 16th, 2016 11.59 pm (GMT)

Games with a single file can use the form.

For multiple files, please zip them and email us.
The email is also on the Y8 Upload page.

--------- Game Review ---------

Now that games are submitted, it’s time to review them. In the following week of the contest, games will be made public on Y8 so that players and judges can review them. Note, ratings are not used for judging.

The winners will be announced around March 24th 2016 17:00


do we need to follow the upload rules on the upload page as well ?


Hi, are the games limited to be playable on any platforms?


hello @NoRabbit, Those rules are targeted to general uploads on Y8. The submission form is being used to make viewing and rating contest games easier. The contest terms are the important considerations.

@PixelPicoSean, The id.net APIs only support web games. We do support many languages and web platforms. Mobile and desktop apps won’t work though.


Hi, is it possible to use old stuff from a game I never finished? It was only published on my own website but it never got into beta, I was thinking on resuming that project and this sounds like the perfect oportunity if it doesn’t break the rules of course.

There is an email where I can send more questions?



Hi hjupter,

Under posting rules in the terms

(i) Unique content. The game may not have been released anywhere else prior to the Registration (publication on small development sites do not count).

so as long as you follow this rule you are good to go.

feel free to read full terms here http://dev.id.net/contest/terms-conditions

and for contact related to any issue, better to use this forum. but in case you really need a email id please send your question to idnet at webgroup-limited.com



I already read the rules but I just wanted to confirm if I can do that or not. I just want to re-do an old project from scratch and reuse the models and name.


yes you can do that, good luck.


If I send the game to the contest, then it is no longer possible to sell it?


Yes you can sale it to anyone,

can request us to remove the game after contest is over or maybe if the game is good we might consider sponsoring it.


  1. Are we allowed to reuse original assets (sprites, audio) of a previously released game?
  2. Are we allowed to reuse original assets of an unreleased game?


The unique content rule is to prevent people from submitting games that were created previously. So yes, you can reuse some assets. However, if someone were trying to repackage an old game for the contest, it will get disqualified.

The answer to your second question is yes. You may use unreleased content.


okay I understand. Thanks for the clarification!


Theres a problem with registering. I registered in the contest and I checked the email and then I went to the contest again and it still says register now.


Hi there,

We were more focused on aquiring the budget, preparing the template, spreading the word about our first contest, so unfortunately it slipped our mind to prepare the instant email verification after person is registered. This is an important detail which we won’t forget for the future contest for sure, thanks for pointing it out, vip-dude786!

The registration is open up to 16th March, which means the game submission is open as well up to 16th March. If you prefer, I can check your email at our backend, but i need at least one word of the email (public or private).



Ok good, thanks for the clarification and thanks a lot for organising such a contest !


3 days in… Hows everyone’s entries coming? I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

My game is shaping up nicely… I ended up deciding to go for the easter theme, as time travel and portals seemed like they’d be tricky themes to go off of in 7 days.

I decided to record a quick work in progress video of my game so far… So, I present to you, Zombie Jesus’ Egg Grab:

Now, back to coding.


haha looks fun highscore game, thanks for posting preview :smile:


I use Construct2, there is a plugin services id.net. The possibilities of this plugin will be enough to satisfy the conditions of current contest?

plugin: https://github.com/webgroup-limited/id.net-construct-sdk


Section 4.iii.B of the contest terms and conditions says: “b. no illegal or unsafe activity of any kind, violence, blood, torture, pain, or any actions associated with bringing harm, in any way; and…

So just to be clear, is that referring to the content of the game? E.g. there can’t be any blood in the game, and characters in the game can’t die or be in a dangerous situation where they could potentially be harmed or harm others?