FFT Steam coming soon


Steam will test the game for few days before approving, if any issues comes out, they will respond back.
We dont know how much time they will take, we’ll have to re-approximate release date anyhow.


o ok, now I have to wait for June 11


How did you test out freefalltournament.exe


Update on this: it’s delayed a bit, but should be live on Steam soon.
Thanks for waiting!


I volunteered to test it


I am doing the same thing :grinning:


why did it go from the 11th to the 14th


Steam version is released.


how to transfer account steam ?


Tool is being worked on, should be live early next week.


is it really 5 dollars better than the browser version




wow you were right its so much better, cant wait for the ability to sync progress with browser version


will the xp and kills and everything i earn on my steam account be added to my y8 account


I was wondering if fft would switch to steam completely if future updates will make things tougher for it to work on browsers? Kinda hoping that it would be a big enough game that wouldnt work on browser one day :slight_smile:


It is highly unlikely we will move to Steam only, however we are planning some features which simply cannot work in WebGL at the moment (in particular, rooms with bigger teams).
At the moment my primary focus is on the account linking tool to get your Y8.com progress linked to your Steam account.


Is there a date for that tool?


I’ve been working on it for a week, looks like it should be ready for testing early this week… then it’ll be part of the next release update. Maybe by the end of this week if everything goes smoothly. There will be an announcement in Y8 forums and on Steam when it is ready.


I don’t have any money for fft :disappointed:


Well don’t worry, you can always play the WebGL version :slight_smile: