FFT Steam coming soon


@insanehero Pete can you please answer this.


EDIT: You will verify an existing id.net account through Steam once, and then when you play on Steam you will have all your progress and stuff from the webgl game. After that you can swap between Steam and id.net as much as you want… once the account owner is verified there is only one record in the database and all you are doing is changing the game client that you choose to play it on.


o that’s nice




In Wonderland c:


Sounds promising!


best news i’ve gotten for a while haha. Cant wait for it! I hope we can grow a good community again and maybe get some older players to join back like paddy,rob and all. Lets hope everything works well without any problems. Btw any chance of tweaking the maps a little bit to make it look like the older days? It looked better imho


If the game clicks on steam, yes we’ll rework on maps.


I have tested The Steam beta exe build, And I’m happy with the gameplay experience.
The Performance is very smooth and ping latency is around 72-96 in Asia (It is around 150-390 in WebGl)
However , the recent bugs like Kill delay , Stun bug , and Health bug till exist, but the developers are working on it.

So all in all, It looks very promising :slight_smile:


Great! cant wait for it.


they already did a bit in web version. shuttle bay is dark again.


help the timer on steam went from about one hour to coming soon item is not yet available


yep just noticed that…




it shall come!


wanna bet we have to wait till midnight as it says the release date is june 6th

ps its 10:45 here


ha same time zone for me. I should be up till 11:30 around, so ig we’ll see. maybe it won’t release tonight… :cry:


I’m going to have to scrounge together the money for it from somewhere though; my cards are empty. so I wouldn’t be buying it immediately anyways.



far as i know its free