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This topic is related to gifs, videos and pictures that u want to share with community of Freefall Torunament.
You can post funny moments, kill streaks, some fun matches that you had… Anything what you think it’s fun or interesting.

EDIT: Also we can discuss here about game, you can go a bit OT and remember to not be toxic or comments will be removed. Have fun posting! :smiley:

Here is some of my old pictures and gifs, gotta work on new ones :slight_smile:

Most balanced enemy team ever

Tech knocked me back haha :smiley:

Random assassin instakill

Where is the changelog

This match happened last week. You can imagine how I was pissed off. In fact, I was totally raging. Nonetheless, at the end of the match, 3 of my opponents congratulated me. I was surprised. My anger dropped in a flash.


Don’t count these ppl as Mar. There is in total maybe 15 legit Marshals.

Invisible (?) i think
and me.

Rest just glitched Sgts and such ranks :stuck_out_tongue:


Why the (?)


Idk are u legit one,i forgot :joy:


you forgot ali33tr :slight_smile:


You dare question my legality.
Im suprised you don’t even know. Mar. ulas09 is the first, like first AFKer to reach Mar rank through afking 2 years ago. He started this thing, but was never caught in the act, so wasn’t banned.

Mar. QUECO was caught AFKing many, many times over and over again. You call that legit? You know what legit is?

Mar. Matrix was also caught AFKing/glitching many times. This is legit to you?

I can name so many more Marshals on top of my head.
Mar. smought
Mar. nemo-never
Mar. rja12
Mar. supersonics
Mar. TurkeyPie
Mar. partyp00pers (i think he is Mar. or G5.)
Mar. popoquake
Mar. ahmeds25
Mar. andreaC200
Mar. TheDarko14
Mar. mahendra
Mar. ivan.legarda
Mar. MaxZo
Mar. djodjula
Mar. ELPODER5730
Mar. jdoishdsjldnhlas
Mar. Gnx2008

There are not.


Gnx,rja,ss not marshals. If we talk about real rank on acc. Mahendra is Mar?
TP is not marshal either.
i forgot on few new ones .-.


My main account “rja12” is almost a Mar, but not yet. If I actually could use it, I would of been one by now. I can basically be any rank on my mod account, so that doesn’t count.


Most of the people you mentioned are not marshals. I should know… when they updated the people I saw as marshal were only 3 > Rob, ulas and one other person with a long name.
Pretty sure mahendra is a G5 like me who got bugged.
smought, MaxZo and ELPODER are marshals, everyone else not even close maybe G1 but not higher.
[excluding the mods on the list]

Andrea is a farmer.

Yea don’t forget ali.


So truuuuuuuu!


This was supposed to be a feel-good thread.

Your discussion about who is a legit marshal is irrelevant. The only thing you have to know is that Glock has been the first lft. The rest doesn’t matter.


-Been playing this game for 4 years
-Still far from being a Mar


P.S. There are my old gifs somewhere in the kong forum, should I bring those? lol


while andrea and I’re doing support spam


Yeah, sure, post all if u want :smiley:

@Slimshady37 haha I remember this one x’D 2v3 and we had a better kdr hahaha :smiley:



Wtf moments
(With an image)

Lag is real


Weapon t-bag

It’s funny how I had made this in a specific layout as well, I just copied and pasted lol

P.S. These are pretty old, I haven’t made one in ages. I could grab a few from my videos, but what’s the point? xD


Just for fun :smiley:
lmao that one with Caap :joy:


i am still a g5 :smiley: exactly need 12k xp


Since I want to record again in the future, I was checking a bit of things and managed to improve the quality. I was testing a lil bit and I wanted to share the improvement. Tell me how it looks, you can make it full screen by clicking on it. Say it if it should be smoother or stuff like that, I can probably fix it (I used a pretty low quality at first).

P.S. Sorry mah ;-;


haha np i was thinking how i got killed :smiley: :smiley: