✨ FreeFall Tournament: Subsidiary conference (2022)

Welcome to FreeFall Tournament: Subsidiary Conference (2022)

Disclaimer: This is the second FreeFall Tournament: General Discussion (💫 Freefall Tournament: General Discussion 💫) which you can discuss or create any topic in here such as FFT memes, FFT bug & glitches, complain & reports, kill streaks, and etc.

Alright so… I just encountered a bug which i picked an hero (assasin and some other heroes) but it is not appearing on the battlefield. (well this is totally common since FFT is dead).

Subsidiary means this discussion is less more important than the original general discussion.

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i think this person is a guy or a boy

i’m an women who plays a dead game sir

i’m also a youtuber which i make fft a little interesting or whatever

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