Can't transfer account


Hey, I played this game a long time ago and I made sure to transfer my account when it got sold to Y8, I think I can’t remember my password. Please help because I purchased skin and made progress.

Account name:abdo0122


what do you mean you think you can’t remember? it should be the same as your current Y8 password. were you previously on Kong?


I believe there could be something wrong with the system because I use that password across many other gaming accounts and never had that proplem so that’s why I think not sure if it is my problem, and yes I was kong’s forums but used to play through the official site back at the time.


this was on the front page perhaps you missed this?


yeah Ive seen it already, but all I get is invalid name/password, and that’s why I think there is something wrong


that is odd, well since this is more of an internal issue i can’t help ya with that. perhaps someone changed your password or perhaps you are not the original account holder :open_mouth:. who knows, i dont, maybe @insanehero does


Hi @Maroon

I have checked the database and this account has never been transferred to the system.
Please follow the instructions on the account transfer page and contact me if you have further problems.



yes I can’t transfer my account because I forgot the password. but I did click “Roger, let transfer” you know that button u had when the game got sold,and you had to agree to some terms.
that was like a couple of years ago @insanehero


Ok switching to private messages so we can get some more information from you.


ok that would be easier


i cnt transferring my acoount,is stuck,pleaase help me


there are no devs