Anyone play roblox?

Talk here and tell each other people your user names and friend people, and if you dont have roblox, its fine, you can talk about other things or ask your parents if you can get roblox.

Hi ,i play roblox,my username its fashionistathecute2 and i have a lot of friends there

I’ve played the game in the past and regret every moment doing so. To be quite honest, the game can be fun, and it certainly also was for me before. But, this has changed both because of the horrible updates, but also because of the community’s shift towards the worse, where toxic and wrong behaviour is now the new normal.

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I can easily confirm that Silent Dark was a blast when it actually worked. To clarify, it was a horror game on Roblox that actually was decently polished by its developer(s).

Hi, I do play roblox (mostly bedwars and arsenal lvl 180+) my name is JACKDONTCAREABOUT(dumb name im sorry)

Hey i do my username is missflwoerpott

i play roblox my usrname is : coolkid54

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