Account Transfer tool is Live


u play on official site xD

Note: just to compare urs internet with mine. And this is actually slow, 3 64-bit PCs using internet and 3-4 phones all time on it.

Honestly not sure how u can run anything with 46 Kbps.


Does 46 Kbps make internet slow or fast??
I when to FFT official site and it take 40 minutes
But i when to forum and it take 30 second…


You can play on official website but yes its not possible to play on kongregate for now and even i dont know until when.


1024kpbs= 1mbps

because game is heavy over 10mb[quote=“KimiJohn, post:43, topic:4931”]
But i when to forum and it take 30 second…

Forum is super light it can load really fast.


WebGL player it take 10mb
Web Unity Player?
I’m just asking a question


Game itself,not a platform.


Oh, I thought I had to transfer to keep playing.


Waiting on the transfer ability from kongregate. :^)


Everything is explained up, idk how else to explain to u. Go on official site and check.


It was never explained in English though.


Ok, it was explained on Chinese then.


I logged in on the official site and found the option for transferrin account, but I can’t write my password…my nickname is pejoman.


you mean you dont remember your old password ?


No, i do. But I cannot write numbers. IDK why


Try to change your password and try again if it doesnt work i have one more idea. …:innocent:


u need to use ur password :slight_smile:


hello guys, i need guide for spanish player

plox thanks


we’ll translate it.


I cant transfer my account since my old password started with a number instead of a letter?? WTF?


use password