Account Transfer tool is Live


Hello Everyone,

We are happy to let all of you know that transfer tool is live but only support freefalltournament accounts for now.

To transfer your account first you need to login in the game via your account than go to settings

Click on Account Transfer and follow the procedure,

NOTE: This tool will overwrite your progress so in case you wants to keep your progress we’ll suggest you to create new account.



So I can’t keep my Official site account and my one? How exactly does that override thing work.


If we transfer our accounts, will we lose all our progress on fft (i.e ranks, classes, upgrades etc)?


If u lose all,then no one would bother with transfering acc and u would simple create a new one.


When he said it would overwrite our I’ progress I assumed he meant it remove our fft progress.


Ah name. U can’t use the same acc for multiple accounts and also it takes ur name.


It transferred all my account acquisitions but I have the name still, I want my FFT OS name not the troll name i used when making my account.


Create new account to transfer your official site account, one account cant hold 2 progress :slight_smile:

No no, if you have any progress in your account you are using to transfer your fft account than it will be overwritten because one account cant hold 2 progress

Yes working on this functionality also, should be live today but for now you can manually request for name change. PM me or Andrea.


Thanks Ankit for your effort and yeah account progress successfully transfered :smiley: cant wait to get started


My actual username was WhiteXhadow
Now its whitexhadow1 ( I want to change this username to WhiteXhadow )


Ohh,so what happent when we transfer our account?
Lose data progress and FFT data?


No you dont lose data


I can’t access my acount !!! why? i transfered my acount, it works . When i login with it works but then it apears the menu to log again ?! why?


Now it works !!! Thanks !!! Thanks for all !!! :slight_smile: :sunny::grin::joy::heart_eyes:


Does this mean that Kong players can’t transfer progress yet?


Answers are literally up.


Yes sorry not yet.


when i login with my account it again takes me back to login page why??? plzz help

@Ankit plzz help bro and a question

r u indian??


PM me as much info about your account as you can if it matches we can give you your account back.

Maybe you can try again ? and if it still dont solve your issue please try to record the video otherwise its really impossible to know because it works good for all of us.[quote=“PoPStar, post:19, topic:4931”]
r u indian??

Yes I’m.


Hello! Old player from Kongregate here, I’d like to have my progress here is it possible to transfer or need to wait more time?

Thanks ! ^^