Account Transfer tool is Live


How to transfer my account?


I can’t log out the account of my main in OS and i want to transfer my alt account. The name of the account is “smoughtC”


Hello, you have to wait a bit more transfer tool for kongregate accounts not live yet.[quote=“KimiJohn, post:22, topic:4931, full:true”]
How to transfer my account?

Follow the instruction in the 1st post.

Try logging out from and even if dont work try on different browser.


Clean browsers and then try again.


Did i have go to my wesites?




Great! I’d love to return to plain again once the transfer tool is available, I really miss the game and now that there are no hackers it will be fun again. Thanks a lot for all the work you guys put into it. :slight_smile:


I can’t see it,i only see it can change my password,notification…
I don’t see it said transfer…

#30 website to logout from game and to transfer your progress you must go into settings of the game.


can you transfer my kongregate acc to My kong name is ImGoned. Thanks @Ankit


Sorry, Kongregate transfer tool isnt live yet.


Ohh,okay…thank you Ankit


I’ve noticed that a lot of people are confused about the procedure for transferring accounts. So let me explain.
Firstly, transfer tool for kongregate accounts is not out yet. Currently, only Official FFT accounts can be transferred.

The procedure for transferring accounts is as follows :-

1. Create an account on This will be the account that your old account data will be transferred to.
2. Go to Login using the account that you have created.
3. Once the game has loaded, go to settings. You will see a button saying ACCOUNT TRANSFER.

4. On clicking you’ll see 2 options. Click on Freefall Tournament.

5. Enter your old account username and password.

6. Click Validate and after a few seconds your account will be transferred.

Now go play the game :slight_smile:
If you have any more doubts, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Note: The nickname you keep when creating your account will be your new in-game username.


Ohh,so i need to go FreeFall Tournament to transfer my account…
Ok…thanks Gleam…
But it took 20 minutes to loading in game for me…


ah really ? can you check your internet speed on ?


i can’t, won’t let me go there.


try ?


It’s working and bad internet i have now…Anyway,thank you for helping me to find out what my internet speed…


at this speed im happy that you could load the game :slight_smile:


Thanks, this helps a lot.

@Ankit is it possible to just keep playing on our and accounts?