Account lost


Hi i am alalskdd in FFT and my problem is that I have lost all my heroes and Z coins.It’s like is a new account.

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it happens with me too.when i open the acc after few day i lost all my progress:cry:


Because u didnt report ur glitched account.


after the beta version


i was PFC n the next day i was recruit


Can you still login in your account ?

FFT webgl dont support accounts other than and we are working on the transfer tool to make your transfer your progress.


He said for his main acc which is demoted. For urs idk.


And why all my progression is lost. Is like 1 or 2 years.


He’s demoted to recruit?


Maybe he created new idnet account but it should be fine after transfer tool.


Same problem. Sorry, but I am unaware, where can I report my account, it got glitched.


No worry, you can contract @Nox


Should be to lft


I need help,i think i lost my account name Double Slayer…Old one is…(@Nox know)
I open official site one and when i open i see my name kimi_the_legend…i thought that account on y8 but actually is on official site…what happen to my old account on official site???When i trying to log in my old account but it won’t allowed me to use that account…seriously?One more,when i tyring to reload my browser its jam for 20 minutes…what happen?


Yeah, I think I was Lft, or above. Or I think I was at the end of the rank, I mean I needed some exp to pass it. I don’t really remember.


Ur account isn’t lost, just disabled atm because it should be transfered.




My acc isn’t lost,just disabled


How can u fix it :confused::confused::confused:???


y8 account or y8 forum account ?