Account lost


y8 acc


it ok i don’t need it… i already found a new account​:blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:


@Ankit bro i lost my G2 account how to recover it its username is ShimayoneShaji please reply


From Kongregate ?


can you help me?


i registered that acc on official site


Hmm I see , Ankit can


Have you tried forget password?


Sorry, transfering accounts is disabled. It was up for 2 years or so.


that option isnt working for me idk why

so i cant recover that account? :frowning:

its been like 2-3 years since i stopped playing this game and now i came back n couldnt log into that acc…


I don’t think its possible, sorry.


we cant transfer that acc which was registered in official site? :frowning:


It’s probably like that because the account manager left


like a bunch of other i lost my old account ( my progression).
Nox u said transfert is disabled.
for always ? Its really perturbing to lost all of heroes, ofc the fact i lost my rank.
(Also i try the settings option transfer but nothing)

Thanks in advance if a person would help me.


Yes, it’s disabled. It was up for 2+ years.