Abandoned Island


Do you know the songs this game uses because I want to use them in a project of mine :slight_smile:.
It’s okay if you don’t the songs, but do you know who could tell me? I really want to use the songs :wink:.


No, I don’t know the songs. Sorry!


Try to fight with the sea demon… it has 24000 hp… :wink: sipders are just a piece of cake :wink:


Do you know where is the hidden cave across the forest ? compass is leading to the tree :slight_smile:

Thank you


The spider cave? you have to go through the path which is a maze until you get to an opening where you will see a giant spider web in the rocks. It will slow you down but go in the spider webs to get to the cave.


Do you know when the full game will be released? I want to know what happens next in the story.:tired_face:


I’m pretty sure they’ve stopped working on it. I don’t know why, it seems really good but they haven’t updated their facebook page in a while. I hope they keep working on it because it’s pretty much the best webgl game out there ever since chrome screwed up unity…


I took down those waterdemons with 50cal sniper… dealt around 76000hp :wink:


I keep crashing when I go to fullscreen . But also I have a question what lurks under the ocean? the guy says "Who knows what lurks under the ocean .If u find anything please


wait water demons are the things on the ocean???


were is thespider cave


hey yeah is really cool and ilove you


Hey, seriously, I’ve got everything. I found the military base and killed the water demon and figured almost the entire shebang out. I just can’t figure out where the Japanese Garden is. Somebody please fill me in on this? I’ve been messing around with this game so much I have over 1 million .22 bullets. I seriously can’t find the garden though. Where is it?


What about the Japanese Garden?


Hey man, where is the Japanese Garden? No matter what I do I can’t seem to find it.


the Japanese Garden is past the mines on the left side of the road


where in the map??


we are talking about the cave lab in the woods of the mission not the mine cave mission


is there any way to get the secret agent gun?


well, finding this in a game is a huge super duper mega big challenge, you know.