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Abandoned Island is a rising star here on Y8.com the game involves survival you versus a never ending swarm of the undead horde (Zombies). As you progress through the game you will be able to get new weapons, and upgrade your skills in order to stop the swarm. Keep your eye out and shoot all who cross your path as this game is powered by our id.net high score and achievements API.

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This is a great and really creepy game. With creepy creatures. Darn spiders! The word creepy comes to mind a lot related to this.

Mouselock isn’t working with Safari, nor is it working with FireFox unless I maximize the screen, which is a little more than my computer is capable of. Therefore, gameplay is a lot jerkier than I’d like, but usually tolerable. The game is worth it though.

I have searched the cave numerous times, but can’t find anything important that I should be looking for. I got the tool that was on the table, and I see a place immediately ahead where it seems like it ought to be useful, but I can’t find an action that has any effect, nor have I found anything else in there. Objective still says search the cave. What am I missing, or is this a glitch? It is very difficult to stay oriented in there with just a flashlight, so I might be missing something, but???

Even if I can’t find a way to satisfy this objective, I may just go explore the island. It really is an immersive environment. I am thoroughly lost in the woods though. It would be nice to have a map and a compass.


This is a really fun game, but it has a few problems.:disappointed:

First, several of the guns and enemies are really unbalanced. The automatic weapons, sniper rifles, grenades, and the rocket launcher need to do more damage because they feel really powerful but they hardly do any damage.

Second, the zombie variants (the zombies with the blue/ red eyes) shouldn’t be in the game because they’re just not fun. They move faster have more health and do a f*** ton of damage.

Third, the female zombies should have as much health has the zombies that look like normal people. The female zombies should also do as much damage as those zombies.

Fourth, the spiders need to do less damage and have a lot less health because they’re spiders!:rage::triumph: Seriously, those darn spiders can survive multiple shots to the face with the shotgun, sniper rifle, and 1 or 2 grenades. Like, WTF?:thumbsdown::rage::dizzy_face:

Other than these problems Abandoned Island is an awesome game and I’m not saying it’s bad because it’s not.:slight_smile:

I hope you make these changes, or at least reply to my post and tell me why the game has these problems.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.:slight_smile:


I have collected quite an inventory of weaponry by now, and I have to admit I did notice that, too: that the damage done by some of these weapons does not seem balanced correctly. Like, I can do as much damage with a revolver as with a grenade or an RPG?
I still have not been able to figure out how to satisfy the “explore the cave” objective. Have you? I’ve been all the way in, gotten the tool, all the way out. Still have not found anyplace in there where using the tool or doing anything else in there gets me anything.
I wandered around the island for a while. Got killed off a number of times by creatures of a much higher level than myself, thus wasting a healthy stockpile of ammo and health packs. After being away from it for a while, I noticed the look of the game changed a bit: an update! I headed back to the cave. Nope. Still not getting it there. :rage:

My character is level 15 or something now, and just plain wandering is of limited interest, because so much of the island is still of a much higher level than that. So the enemies are too fast and strong to mess with. Better to stick to the high ground and just avoid them, or you’ll use more ammo and health than you’ll be able to recover. Just lurking in the hills isn’t much fun. I would rather stick to the story line and objectives, but since I seem to have reached an impasse there, I can’t make any further progress with that.

On a brighter note, the passage of time and rise and fall of the sun and moon and even the shadows of clouds and the fog are all great touches. The movement of the trees is, too, though it really needs the sound of some wind and rustling leaves to go with it.
I feel the passage of time is too fast. Though, admittedly, sometimes the night doesn’t go quickly enough, when all you’ve got between you and the dark is a single flashlight.


Is the tool you’ve gotten a crowbar? Because if it is, I think I know how to get past that part. I’ve managed to beat the game and it turns out that it’s still in the alpha testing stage.

Anyway, regarding the crowbar, if you look around the room you found the crowbar in, there is a tunnel and in that tunnel there is a crap ton of webs and a few spiders :scream::fearful:. You will also find a spider that is larger than the others.

Upon killing all those freaking spiders, you will be able to get in a room with an AK-47 and a message telling you that you’ve reached the end of the alpha demo :cry:. I hope I helped.

This game has so far been quite an adventure for me and I’m sad that it had to end so fast. I can’t wait to see what the full version has to offer. BTW I know how to find the military base. it’s kind of close to where you start out, but I don’t want to spoil too much :wink:.


how do you find the cave lab in the woods


Where is the Japanese Garden?


where’s the japanese garden?


For the record i too have no idea where the garden is xD



After the two towers in the construction zone, follow the road. Once the road heads upwards again, you can see a cave entry in those mountains on the left side. That one will lead you to the japanese garden.

Golden Gun is at the very beginning, on the brown house. Use the car to get on the house with the blue roof, from there jump to the brown house. The Golden Gun is on the second chimney, also some extra bullets are on all the roofes.

Uncle’s House and Shotgun should be easy and clear.

Once you kept following the road a long time, you will eventually get to a single tower. Just one. It stands in a U-Turn, where also a river starts, with a blue house next to it. There are several dirty paths leading from the tower towards the mountains. Follow them until you get to a valley. The valley will eventually get sandy, and this is how you will find the Secret Military Base, it’s in the desert. Take care, the zombies there are very very strong and will definitely kill you (Jump on the radio tower to survive).

Unfortunately, the silenced sniper you find at military base does not work. You can pick it up and all, but it won’t show up in your storage and you cannot use it. Sad.


Thanks rPrime,

Can you actually see the cave from the road? And how do you make that jump onto the brown building?


The game has some bugs like that but like I said earlier in this forum, the game is still in the alpha stage :confused: . That means it’s not complete yet.


In the military outpost, there will be every weapon in the game except for in the last tent on the right side (which has a bloated zombie with red eyes in it). if you don’t like the .22 hunting rifle go to the light house and behind the generator is one without a scope that can hold 8 bullets at once, It even uses the same ammo! The most useful weapon in the game is the SMG, located on the tower this weapon fires extremely fast and at least stands a chance against the zombies in the further areas but the thing that seals the fact is that it uses the same ammo as the pistol! If you don’t know to get the SMG go to the construction site with 2 towers, climb the further one and after facing a jumpscare and killing a fast female zombie you will find it, BONUS TIP: climb the other tower to get a spiked baseball bat! If you hate getting scared by those demon things when you pick up items then go to where you can see where the demon spawns and get the item, pick it up and you watching the spawn location cancels it out! Whenever you get a weapon and don’t want to lose it, go to a different location that has buildings, this will checkpoint your game therefore saving your new weapon you worked so hard for! I hope these tips help you!


how do you get into the spider caves


how you get into the spider cave labratory




can you tell me how to get into the hidden cave lab?


can you tell meh how to get into the cave lab? I found the checkpoint thing, but I don’t know how to get into the actual cave.


If you’re talking about the spider cave just go to the objective marker enter the pathway in front of the objective marker and
go through the maze, I don’t remember exactly what i did but follow the left wall and if you hit a dead end jump over it by running into it and jumping, the cave should be in a open area around the center of the maze i think, the cave itself should be fairly straight forward, just keep moving through the maze and you will find 2 different paths, one is leading to the crowbar weapon and the other is leading to the objective. When you move through the cave you will find a slightly open area with a tree and spiderwebs everywhere, at the bottom there will be multiple spiders and a big spider which i think has the most health in the game so use grenades and your best weapons. Once you kill all the spiders the cave should continue past the tree and there you will find an ak47 and a message saying it’s the end of the alpha. If you have arachnophobia like i do use gmail to video call a friend, it makes the experience much easier :slight_smile:. I hope this helps and feel free to ask more questions if you don’t understand. As a bonus if you go into the water your character will say something then you will find a secret enemy, once he starts talking stay still! I hope the people who made this are still working on it, I love this game! :smile:


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