🍞 Yummy Toast : Tasty Cooking game

Yummy Toast a fun and excited cooking game. :woman_cook: Our cute little bear :bear: wants to cook toasts and serve all his friends. In this fun game let us try to learn the types of ingredients needed and recipes and steps to cook. :woman_cook: :bread::stuffed_flatbread:

This game helps you to learn all the stuff and this game is for all ages. Now here in this game, our cute bear needs our help to cook and serve, Let us all learn along with him. There are some important tasks to perform to make yummy toasts. :woman_cook: :bread::stuffed_flatbread:

  • Cleaning
  • Mixing
  • Cooking
  • Serving

First, let us clean the stove and the frying pan with some cleaners, just follow the steps. First, we have to preheat the pan for a bit and, let us use the oil stain cleaner first and rub the pan to get the sticky things out and next use some pan cleaners like, soap oil and foam cleaners and clean with a mop to clear all the water. :hotsprings:

Now we enter into the main part of the game, which is to prepare sausages, which we add as toppings in the sandwich and toasts in which we have to serve. As per the recipe we have to mix some fruit jelly, butter, mayonnaise sauce and mix with some other sauces. :woman_cook: :tomato: :sandwich: :tropical_drink:

Next slice the bread into pieces. :woman_cook: :bread::stuffed_flatbread:

collect the bread, taco, cheese, and some other sauces and fry them and be prepared to serve for customers. Keep an eye on the timer on each food item while we fry them, do not let the items get deep-fried and they need to be trashed. Be precise to make the perfect and yummy toasts. :woman_cook: :bread::stuffed_flatbread:

Finally, help our cute little bear to serve the toasts by the order done from the customers. Place taco, cheese, bread, and other toppings as per the customer’s order and deliver them before the timer runs out and make them happy with your yummy toasts. :hotel: :smiley:

Serve 10 orders to win the game. Have fun playing this game only on y8.com


This might be a terrific method for aspiring cooks to practise their talents in a safe environment as graphics and technology improve. cooking feve games are expected to continue to draw large crowds, and they are unquestionably as popular as they were previously.

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