Your favorite game

Hi everyone, which is the game you play the most in Y8? I would like to try new games so I wanna see your recommendations, the ones I play the most are Kingdom Rush and Epic War 5 :wink:

this is probably not on y8 but I love escape rooms

Oh I like escape games too. I haven’t played any recently but I like the Cube Escape series, I used to play Spotlight too, at least until I got stucked on a puzzle at chapter 5 :crazy_face:
Do you like those ones?

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Military wars 3D multiplayer y8

:point_right: Top Free Online Games Tagged Escape :running_man: - Y8.COM

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What is wrong with that?

my fav games on Y8 (specifically Y8, not my fav games EVER) would be Clam Man 2: Open Mic, Tauriel Teaches Typing, Out of CTRL and Marcel The Duck

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