You prob wont care but


ok so basically i have tiktok account called ily_michael_jackson and people keep saying that he is scary first off all he cant controll puberty can he no he had a skin disorder which made his skin turn white and made him ellergic to the sun

and people are saying he abuse kids-
he was proven innocent twice alive and dead he even said on an interview that he would slit his wrist before even harming a child like actually watch docomentry’s not leaving neverland,as that doco has many lies and needs to be taken down. watch square one or loving neverland any you will see proof that he is innocent

if u guys think he was a bad person ur very gullible to say that, he was the worlds most famous pop singer with over 4.8billion fans but then the media was so cruel to him






hey you are not alone I enjoy michael jackson songs.


me too