Yandere Simulator


do you like game Yandere Simulator?::star_struck::yum:


i like to kill everybody in yendere simulator




i like it


yes, i like it


What exactly is Yandere Simulator. I’ve heard it’s a really popular game, and I would like to try it, so Abby_Villegas123,you have my vote :grin:


common let’s play free fall guys


Yandere simulator is a game that a girl that like a guy but many is flirting at him.
Ayano Aishi she is killing her rivals so senpai would be her’s
her rivals is this
all in the picture is her rivals ( except the title haha )


and i forgot the rivals names are:
Osana Najimi
Rival Chan
Victim Chan
Kokona Haruka
Amai Odayaka
Kinaza Sonobu
Oka Ruto
Asu Rito
Muja Kina
Mida Rana
Osoro Shidesu
Hanako Yamada ( she dont love ayano’s senpai she is the little sister of ayano’s senpai )
Megami Saikou
Name of the boy: Taro Yamada