Y8 Social Contest number 2 - Y8 Kid travel again - "Timing is cruical!"

Tada, the Y8 Kid travels again and this time, it’s about of time to … ? Do what?

What would you do in the next 10 minutes?

  • play a game at Y8?
  • guess the location of the Y8 Social Contest?
  • eat an icecream?
  • all of above?
  • turn off the computer and learn math?
  • none of above?
  • all of above, but organized good in time so you would do all things and enjoy doing them?

I personally don’t know, I’ve already eaten one icecream, can’t studdy math durig the hot summer days, and I’m not allowed to participate in the Second Y8 Social Contest! That is why the opportunity to win a prize from Steam, a good game that is, goes for you.
And this time there will be several games to offer, so the winner may choose the best one he or she desire.

Good luck to all and thank you for participating!

p.s. the rules as usuall come last hehe

Rules of the contest are, Like and Share our contest question, and guess the location of our secret Y8.com agent in order to win a wonderful prize!

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The time now is… to compete and participate for earning a wonderful contest prize!
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Good luck to all!

to update free fall tournament cause were like waiting forever for the update.

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there are no developers for fft

yeah but they don’t even take a move to find some developers even they time for cause they just don’t care.

That does make sense but it depends on the developer because UnityWebgl is not as great to use to make and play browser games like flash, unity webplayer and html5 games.

Even the unity Webgl workflow is complex imo

yeah but fft is not a y8 game people say it didn’t release in y8 but in kongrate .

The Unity Web Player enables you to view blazing 3D content created with Unity directly in your browser, and autoupdates as necessary. Unity allows you to build rich 3D games with animated characters, sizzling graphics, immersive physics. Then you can deliver the games to the web or as standalone players.

That is true but browsers stopped supporting unity webplayer years ago. The game is using unity Webgl.

so why did they make a new site to help them is this one of the reason why fft don’t have devs anymoreA?

What new site. I have no idea why the devs left.

cause their a big jerk i hope their here in my place cause if their here my men will beat them hard so hard that their going home with a broken parts of their body.

Congratulations to our winner,


You have been informed how to proceed in choosing and picking your free steam game! Thanks for making the right guess, which is “Chiang Rai’s Golden Clocktower” in Thailand! Stay tuned to see where Y8 players travel next :slight_smile:

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