Y8 is literally almost dead

guess what? y8 is almost dead. let me explain.

almost every active player before is gone. only @art0b5c9, @AuroraEsoteric, and @TaeKook are keeping this community alive. @max5 is gone, @fashonista isent as online as much, @Ovidiu1 @borisborisboris03mai, everyone. im predicting y8 will be dead around next year. and will be no later than that. maybe be earlier, but thats it. unfortunately we cant prevent this. try all you want. but at this rate, y8 forums will die next year. end of story. closes book


This should get pinned honestly I do agree.

y8 forums is very unpopular. when y8 dies im planning to move to kongregate forums. because i personally love gaming. unless members become active again, y8 will die in january 2022. maybe feburary. unless new people join.

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I agree with you my friends

in future young kids or young children will join in this Y8 Forum :tired_face:
If they are a new user im not sure if they can say something like hi :wave:t2:

But i once remember that freefall tournament was an active topic in those years, Year 2016, Year 2017 and Year 2018 as well as Hide online

Mostly kids playing Y8 games and not many kids will be on the forum. Or there are some kids who’s on the forum but don’t know what to do. The people who has gone maybe they’re just grown up and busy with their life so they gone lol

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Just like me I’m still young and having fun playing Y8 games and active on the forum that’s why I am still here

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Maybe they can’t even know there’s a forum here

عن ماذا تتكلم

اعد شرحها لي جيدا بالعربية

y8 does attract younger audiences. (maybe ages 10-14) mainly because it gives off a games vibe. and kids like games.

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خمين ما؟ y8 على وشك الموت. دعني أشرح.

ذهب تقريبا كل لاعب نشط من قبل. فقط @ art0b5c9 وAuroraEsoteric وTaeKook يحافظون على هذا المجتمع على قيد الحياة. @ max5 ذهب ،fashonista موجود على الإنترنت بنفس القدر ، @ Ovidiu1 @ borisborisboris03mai ، الجميع. أتوقع أن يموت y8 العام المقبل. ولن يكون بعد ذلك. ربما يكون في وقت سابق ، ولكن هذا كل شيء. للأسف لا يمكننا منع هذا. جرب كل ما تريد. ولكن بهذا المعدل ، ستموت منتديات y8 العام المقبل. نهاية القصة. يغلق الكتاب


فهمت فهمت

It’s just the Y8 Forums. Y8 is not dead.


You know sometimes i just wonder if you find Y8 forum boring to you and not interested in any of those topics or posts,
Would you leave or rather stay here forever?
i have made my choice i choose to stay here forever

I wouldn’t leave and would like to stay

i will never leave y8

i was playing it when i was a little kid, i was playing it before flash adobe dies
i really miss flash


Y8 Games