Y8 Games First Contest - Y8 Tour - enjoy the view in front of a bridge known as...?

Hello everybody at Y8.com!

I am glad to announce the start of our public relationship improvement with all Y8 fans and players out there! We are helding a simple guess the place contest, here on our official Y8 Forum, and on our social sites as well. And like every contest there is, big or small, our event has a decent prize for one random winner.

Rules of the contest are, Like and Share our contest question, and guess the location of our secret Y8.com agent in order to win a wonderful prize!

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This bridge stood proud upon a river, connects two landscapes, and gives you a chance to earn a wonderful contest prize!
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when to start?

It’s on those links

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Hi, as Shadowelite7 asnwered before, the contest is already started and availale on those social links. All you need to do is to guess the name of that bridge and you’ll get a game key from Steam. A FPS kind of game!

ooh, I am interested now

I have sent you my answer in a private message

i still didn’t find y8 group in fb?

Hi, is the links shared above, on the first post, arent workign for you? There are links on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The rules are to like+share the post, and PM the right bridge name. Once we receive decent amount of answers, correct answers hehe, we will randomize them and assign the winners :slight_smile:

Good luck!

ty for intel.

hello y8! my name is mina i played wiilam so please clear data on wiilam games

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