Y8 FreeFall Competiton


Hello everyone i m creating a freefall competiton on 15th aug the one those who want to partiicipate need to do the following thing:
Go to Y8 account and send friend request to 3_3Force means me i accept your friend request
Then ABout 6:00 u need to go to y8 account and send me a message that Participated Then i say u the map name and u need to go there and many players will be there who have participated.

Then the match BEGINS the one who did highest kills within 5 matches will be the Best PLayer regarded

                                                 ...Thank  You...


Here’s the account link https://www.y8.com/users/8550818/3_3-F0rCe


The Match begins from 6:00 pm evening to 7:00 1 hour


Is there going to be like a discord because using it might be easier to maintain


if you don’t know what it is
check it out
its completely free

Its available on


NO no discord just the simple rules i said u want to participate? u can cuz u already in m friend list


eh alright. Discord for me is much flexible because I am mainly active on it and I am the new moderator for the y8 discord server




are u talking about freefall tournament




I am not going to be available for this competition.

Currently planning for a competition for my church and the game is Diabotical which is coming out soon for PC.


is it a freegame bro?



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Diabotical is not out yet
heres a video


similar like pubg but its ros


it’s just look a like a prototype of free fall tournament but hey change some stuff.



why this thing happen?


I guess you can say that but the game actually belongs to a 20 year old Genre called Arena Shooters. The first fps game to start this was Quake.