⚠ Y8 Forum is Not a dating site, asking for boyfriend/girlfriend is not allowed



Hello Guys, This is NOT a dating Site, asking for boyfriend/girlfriend is not allowed. :stop_sign:

Please create topics or post your comments related only to the games and stick as much as possible to the topic being discussed. Thanks!


Thank you for saying this!


yes is will share this or invite to read this is important


Yes everyone should see this


ty for saying this!




I know you specifically posted this out for me and others and I understand this is not a dating site besides I stopped.I just can’t delete them.


I agree




good no more bf or gf ty


I agree!


Ma boi!
This is true


we supposed to just play games here lol


Por fin ponen orden :+1:




yep no asking for boyfriend/girlfriend in this website…well some of us is asking for boyfriend or girlfriend lol…NOT A DATING WEBSITE AND IT’S NOT ALLOWED!!!


what do u mean “hello”? but hi!


yes EXACTLY! this website just for playing games only! not like EXAMPLE: hey can someone be my girlfriend or boyfriend. NEXT EXAMPLE: can i be ur girlfriend or boyfriend?