Y8 Avatar Maker >> Cool Avatar Creator for Our Y8 Accounts

Hello all, I just now gone through this game, with which we can create our own avatar and upload it to our y8 accounts. In this game Y8 Avatar Maker there are a whole lot of options to create an avatar with our desired color, hairstyles, glasses, and a lot more. Let us know more deeply about this game. :smile: :dress: :man_artist:

So after we go forward in this game we can select any gender and now starts the magic.
Let us utilize this chance to create your own avatar and lots of options.

Here some of the styles I created,

We can use any facial features, eye style, hairstyle, and dresses also accessories and make your avatar perfect. :smile: :dress: :man_artist:

Previous avatars are a bit limited as we all know, this game gives a super opportunity to show our creative ability and let us make a masterpiece from this game and we have a fantastic option in this game, we can directly apply the avatar to our y8 account from this game and also we can submit a screenshot and share to our friends.

So friends, why wasting time then, let us show our masterpiece to all our friends and challenge them to make theirs better than us. :smile: :dress: :man_artist:

Select and create as many avatars and upload them to your y8 account. Play a lot more fun games only on y8.com

Play this game here on

Do not forget to submit your feedback about this game in the comments section below.


Already seen it but thanks for the game though.

Not a big fan of those kiddy art style pfp creator games. But it’s something for people who can’t draw, although there is Picrew, which has a huge variety of artstyles if used with permission.

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Yeah I agree. Again there’s kids on Y8 out there that like this stuff. The art looks really kid-friendly and looks weird to me. I’ll recommend Picrew.

I really wish that there was an age limit to have a Y8 account or at least some limitations. Like for example: people under the age of 13 cannot comment on games or have a stricter game and chat filter. I can’t find anyone on this site that’s around my age.

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