🏍 Xtreme Race: Xcross Madness Game!



Hello Gamers! Xcross Madness :motorcycle: is a fun racing game on track which delivers the race adrenaline and excitement :exploding_head: :sunglasses: you shouldn’t miss! If you’ve played Braap Braap before and you have liked it so much, this one comes close to the fun and extreme pleasure of game racing on track! But there are lots of awesome motorcycle race games available in Y8!

You can start by playing a solo career (quick race, knockout and trial) or by challenging other online players

The race gives the classic motorcycle thrill and adrenaline!

Watch your speed on sharp corner turns! If you bump into the walls, throwing off the rider can slow you down and make it harder to catch up on the race.

Grab these speed boost to accelerate for a limited time

350CC Eagle :motorcycle: :motorway:

In Xcross Madness :motorcycle: , you can perform stunts to earn more points and upgrade your bike! Always use your Y8 account to save your data online! Good for achievements and setting high scores=more fun! :wink: Have fun and Enjoy this Game!


Cool! I think I’ll try it. Thanks for the suggestion @y8rai




Nice game! :slight_smile: I also agree with @SkyStar12


Me too




Who play pubg



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