Would you rather


i am really bored right now so i thought we should play would you rather so the first one is would you rather eat a bug or eat out of the trash can lol would u rather eat candy or eat pizza your whole life would you rather buy shoes or buy new books that you like would you rather date a friend or date a stranger lol please relpy i would love to see you guys answers and please tell me why u would chose what you would chose u don’t have to well any way if you want more would you rathers just tell me


Bien hecho para que aprenda :wink:




I would rather date a friends, cauz some of my friends like me but i like him a little bit.
but i didn’t know that he really really likes me.:confused::confused::confused:
1 day he ask me for a date and i say (no) and he said why???
And i said im 2 young to date!!( 13 year old) but i still don’t wanna date with that age​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

  1. Would eat out of the trash lmao
  2. Eat pizza
  3. Buy new books!
  4. Date a friend cuz strangers will find me weird lol
    I’m a huge book lover so I’d really like new books and I’d eat pizza because, well, there’s choco pizza you know and there’s like many varieties so i won’t be exhausted haha