🐊 Wild Animal Zoo: A Crazy Animal POV

Can you imagine yourself being an animal? This game takes you into an animal’s point of view :star_struck: and you can play it crazy :crazy_face: like those wild animals!

This fun simulation game lets you play these animals:
on 1st level:
Play as crocs :crocodile: or elephant :elephant: With the given time, get wild and wreak havoc by destroying anything on your path! the more destruction yields higher points! (Beast mode :crazy_face: :fire:) . You can play other fun maps as well with different themes.

Once you’ve gained enough points you can play other animals also.
Play as Hippo :hippopotamus:
Play as Lion :lion:
Play as Rhino :rhinoceros:
Play as Zebra :zebra:
Play as Cow :cow2:
Play as Pig :pig2:
Play as Sheep :sheep:
Play as Bear :bear:
Play as Fox :fox_face:
Play as Rabbit :rabbit2:
Play as Wolf :wolf:
Play as Boar

Play as Chicken :chicken: (requires level6 so it’s maybe not as weak as you think) :crazy_face:

:ballot_box_with_check: Which animal do you like to play?

  • Crocodile
  • Elephant
  • Hippo
  • Lion
  • Rhino
  • Zebra
  • Cow
  • Pig
  • Sheep
  • Bear
  • Fox
  • Rabbit
  • Wolf
  • Chicken
  • Boar

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that is great! i can play as anyone! @y8rai!


i think…

i played this yesturday


but i can only be a crocidile

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Hence, i voted all :smiley:

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hello? who can talk to me?

I love this game! It’s really fun i always have a laugh when i play.

what is cheetah

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