Why i can't buy slugs with XP ?

I can’t buy slugs with XP money, and its want me to paid money for slugs, why i can’t get the slugs with XP ?

you need to buy slugs with credit card or debit card and what do you mean XP money

its say i can change xp to slugs

i think it cannot do that

i think its a problem

Think so

i think you need to ask someone who can help you

so i ask at here

i want to buy skin, but i dont have money

Wait i think XP for level

for what level?

Ok you play Freefall tournament right

or slugs only can get on paid money

Not at all

slugs can paid money and get skin but slugs only get with credit card or debit card i think im right or not soo i hope is usefull i just telling truth i not lied

For be sure i have to wait until freefall tournament working on Y8.com

hey, the freefall tournament has working already

click on this

mr fishhhhhhhh

Yes kien

Y8 Games