Why can't play some games? it appears as black screen for me-

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Baby Hazel in Kitchen

Nothing Else but black screen, game isn’t even loading for me-

The game loads normally for me. Are you using some adblocker? What OS are you using?


I used a laptop for it an acer and im not aware of any adblocker can you give an example for it i’ll find and see if its the cause for the laptop.

I also have the same problem and it tells me to update my software to the latest java. lol I thoought that is why I use or play on Y8 in the first place. Maybe about a third of the games I cannot play at all. Bummer. I have written several times saying about this but still have not recieved an answer that works. If you find one please post here so I can fix mine too.

Did you try updating your software to the latest java and see if it works? Cause what i did for the unplayable games is reporting it as a bug. Via the in game reporting thing

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