Who want to add discord friend with me

who want to add discord friend with me, my name is Angie koey#9251
(only for the people play freefall tournament)

Ok im new on discord

im always Freefall tournament

Hi Fishman It’s me Nin_433 in Freefall Tournament! :smiley:

Hey Nin do you have discord

just tell me Ok


some one you or Nin_433 or some one else

uh hi

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can I bake you


i dont want to talk with you even again forever.If i see you in Freefall tournament i will leave without any message and i will shut up to talk with you forever



Please when you see me why do you ignore me
i want to talk to you

dude i dont even know seriously

i stop play Forum in here

wtf man

i have discord but i need verify phone ;-;

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