Who plays Among Us?

lol of course i do lolol

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He says hello, do you not know Arabic, and if you do not know, do not respond to it

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i play among us

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:unamused::unamused: okay

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I play “Hen’s Revenge” game

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i play it all the time

hello everyone


How are you doing ?
Can we chat ?

hey everyone

Also, I do not want to grieve anyone. I ask what you want

So guys I have news:
That I’m Negative for the COVID test
My mom got positive… So I went test again BY MYSELF
And I got N e g a t i v e still, I have to self- isociate or whatever you call


hey son_Goku

I play among us!

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that’s bad that u have to self isolate

aw!I hope ur mom is feeling better

hope ur mom is okay

She is (That mean she don’t have shortness of breath)


Y8 Games