Who plays Among Us?



It is a good game if you don’t have it


me i PLAY AMONG USS and remember im #1 WORLDS IMPOSTOR!


show me what game is that? is it this one?
or is it this one here?
but the game is not free to play
how i post this Link to here? just highlight and right click on the Link, and then click on copy and click hyperlink and then, you just press right click paste it over here and click reply


Its not roblox, its Among Us available for all devices?? Dunno but you can play it on PC to.


Thats just the roblox version.


Anyways whats your name on robloxxxxxxx


my roblox profile name is vduvluyd


mine is kayeisgoodlol_zz


here mine banned account how_aboutplayobby



i do speak english but i don’t actually understand what are you trying to say?


well first one is not a banned account
second on is an banned account


well in roblox





but you have max friends


accept me friend request


I wish they would add it :frowning:(




el primero es among us y el segundo tambien


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