Where are you from

am Algeriedownload (16)


i am from Tokyo




America. I did not realize this was such an international site.

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I always think that I’m the only American here that has the most perfect English

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Hello @Lavasteam,
:laughing: what humility among these other non-English native speakers! I hope you have a sense of humour (proper and true UK English spelling) to at least go with that.

If what you say is true, which isn’t, then the standard is very low to average indeed (which I see is true)

What low quality teachers you must have in school, especially in English literature. “Most perfect” is wrong. That is a valid criticism for your education, if you intend to go to college, but I guess you’ll block/mute me out of a need for revenge but remember me later out of thanks on written assignments:

  1. Your English grammar is incorrect because “perfect” is already a superlative that doesn’t require a modifier like “more” (or silly words like “mostest” in slang American English).
  2. Also, don’t refer to yourself as a “that” (which is use for an object).
  3. Enough young people are dumb enough to learn ‘english’ from these types of websites. So, that sentence teaches them lousy English, which in turn makes whatever they say harder to read or understand
  4. Perfect English is easily translatable into any international language - not slang and not bad English. The correct sentence example here should’ve been:
    I always think that I’m the only American here who has perfect English

Reference for the unsure among you:
High School English Grammar & Composition, by Wren & Martin (2005 edition by S. Chand, New Delhi)
Wren and Martin repeat a centuries long rule:
“Certain adjectives do not really admit of comparison because their meaning is already superlative; as,
Unique, Ideal, Perfect, Complete, Universal, Entire, Extreme, Chief, Square, Round
Do not therefore say: Most Unique, quite unique, chiefest, extremest, etc”

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By the way, مرحبًا/salut @LINA006, I’m from multi-cultural Australia. 1) I inform you it’s ‘multi-cultural’ because most racist foreigners think this is an apartheid ‘white heaven’ (but are disappointed when they tour here), and there are silly people who still search “What is the official language of Australia” in all search engines!

More interesting facts to educate your general knowledge: 2) At least two official polls in the last 15 years have shown that between 46% to 55% of Americans think that people in England do NOT speak English! They can’t connect that ‘eng’ is a big clue; and 3) I’ve had many caucasian English-native speakers, from all English speaking countries, as online friends. All of them have laughed at how lousy the American dialect is when written online


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