🚗 Wheel Race 3D - Crazy 3D racing!

Welcome! Play this fun and crazy 3D game with other Y8 players! :video_game: :oncoming_automobile:

Wheel Race 3D is already available on your mobile and PC device.

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Wheel Race 3D


Crazy 3D racing game between two opponents. Drive the car and choose the right wheels to ride on different places on the track. Try to defeat your opponent to complete this race. Choose wheels quickly!

Try to exact match for each terrain, otherwise, it will get slower and slower.

You can upgrade your vehicle in the game menu.


Buy new upgrades to power up your vehicle.

You can also buy new vehicles in the game store!

Drive on crazy tracks, just choose the right wheels!

The game will create a random track for you!

Bonus levels in the game are already available for you!

Play this cool game now on Y8 and have fun!



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