What is the history of Y8?

I am genuinely curious how Y8 is formed. I mean this flash website holds a lot of internet games to play and it is part of my childhood. I wanted to know the website past but I can’t find any information in the Internet and only found a wiki page dissing Y8. I hope anyone would tell me the history of Y8.


Really cool history about it. Again I don’t know much about the website.

chispas amigo no se mandame una solocitud de amistad para que te explique
apenas soy nueva en este foro de y8 unete a subway clash 3d jugando con ajolotito9201 mandame solicitud de amistad si te gusta el ajolote dankev y mikecrack :tipping_hand_woman: :tipping_hand_woman: :wave:

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history of Y8
Y8 created in 2006
Y8 forum first introduced by Ankit in 2015
adobe flash player expired December 2020


Thanks for the basic answer. Although is there no way to find a detailed history?

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You can paste the Y8 link to the WayBack machine and it can show you on how the site looked like back then.

I’m so fuckin’ dumb how did I not known that?

I was gonna do that but I don’t have access to my pc till Monday due to me being out of state atm

Well, have a great time there fella.

Why must say the f word when there are moderators here who could banned you for that? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Don’t know I’m dumb

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I have a feeling that the forums are mostly aimed for more mature users due to it letting uses freely talk about certain topics. I don’t think people will get banned for swearing as long as it’s minimal and they don’t throw slurs around.

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