Weapon Quest 3D

Weapon Quest 3D is a new and rising game here on Y8 where you play as either an Archer or a sword wielding warrior. As you play you will slay goblins, spiders and more in hopes of unlocking new weapons and armor. Want a sword that shoots fireballs? Go right ahead and purchase it from the starting zone. The game is powered by our id.net save api so your game data will always be safe. See how far you can get in this 3D open world adventure today!

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(i don’t know where to post opinions and requests)
*i can’t discard armor to improve (in craft) for example i cant drop my weapon if I don’t have another one and merchant doesen’t sell armor
*Merchant doesen’t sell bows or armors, only swords
*item explanaitons are not readable (ATK etc)
*item collecting quests have bug. for example if I start with 8 wood with quest which requires 30 it starts with 0/30 while i have alredy 8 in inventory. i have to have 38 to make it 30/30.
*bow range is too short damage very low and defanse lower comparing to 2blade character
*maybe more skill slots could be better because we can use more than 3 skills or we can put potions on numbers

Thank you very much i am enjoying very much of your 3D demo games i hope to see complete versions soon :slight_smile:

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