Wanted to chat with others but this guy Ryu Youtube and his friends

i need some help. i know i have mention this many times before but when i wanted to talk to others, each time when i made a post, yeah but there is this guy that keep deleting my comment, and there’s no way to stop him. i can’t do anything in this case, because he made me unblock others. it’s not something that i’m not happy about but i just do not care. and that there was even this challenge that i face where by she kept on asking me to unblock Ryu Youtube. but if no one was there to help me, then what else can i do? i’m not sure if anyone else is facing this problem, but if you do face this challenge, PM me. if you want to post something here in https://account.y8.com/feeds , just be careful, he might delete your post
my Last point, if you don’t want anyone to block your Y8 Account, do not sent friend request to anyone

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