🐺 Voxel Serval: Only the Strongest will Survive!

Voxel Serval is a unique turn-based card game that is very easy to learn but hard to master. With its voxel graphics and unique soundtrack, the game will also delight the eyes and ears. This new game is a pretty little pearl in the world of browser games and playable online exclusively at Y8.com! In this turn-based card game and animal fights only the strongest will survive! :crossed_swords:

:bear: :wolf: :spider: :crocodile: :eagle: :tropical_fish:

You will have to think :thinking: carefully before planning your next actions in order to defeat your opponents:

What should I choose to fill my deck? :brain:
Is it necessary to make a simple attack? :brain:
Should you use the special skills of your fighting animals right away? :brain:
Should we use elemental cards with random effects, both beneficial and harmful? :brain:

The game has 2 modes for battles:

The story mode which, as its name suggests, contains the basis of the plot of the game Voxel Serval. The challenge mode which allows you to face enemies of different levels on a world map :world_map: , in order to collect experience, crystals :gem: or genes which will be very useful for you to progress :trophy:

Use the skills of your animals or use Elemental Cards. Mix your cards in the laboratory to upgrade it but to mix card you need gene. Symbiosis between some animals increases their stamina. There is also a touch of tactics, with the positive or negative influence of the terrain depending on the type of animal. Air, Water, Forestry, etc. Story mode helps you to increase your level and earn! Let’s check out cool high lights of this awesome game! :wink: :star_struck:

Play it with Online Save to save the progress across devices or play it with Local Save :floppy_disk:

Start the fight easily! :wink:

Using the animal skill can deal serious attack damages to the enemies :skull_and_crossbones:

Open your Card Deck to select animal cards you want to play :card_index_dividers:

Play the Chapters of Story Mode to level up and collect rewards! :gem:

Your animal deck must be the last one standing to win the match :one:

Challenge others and level up on the Map in different Worlds! :world_map: :crossed_swords:

Elemental Cards can damage certain animals :volcano: :tornado:

Combine cards in the Laboratory (using Gene) to come up with a stronger animal card! :test_tube: :muscle:

Earn rewards such as crystals and genes from the treasure chest :gem: and each time you win the battle

Ready for exciting battle ahead? :smiley:

Decide yourself how to play and how to win! Remember: only the strongest will survive in Voxel Serval!

Play this game here :arrow_down:

Watch this Reveal Trailer here :arrow_down:

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