Uploading my game

Hey there! I have made a offline FPS shooter game in unity and I’m willing to upload it on Y8.com.
But before I want to know few things which are:

  1. Things I need to add to make my game acceptable according to y8 requirements.
  2. I need to know how would I upload my game on y8.com.
    Please give me a step to step answer for part 2.

Thank You!

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I recommend that you look on youtube or ask a moderator for help.

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1.You can add to the game what you want.
2.Don’t need to tell us like a dumbass

@Dark1 To upload a game to Y8:

  1. Press Categories and More
  2. Press Upload at the bottom of the popup window
  3. Upload your game
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this one below here is an old one so do not follow this guide
because is an old version of Y8

I don’t even think Y8 supports Windows XP and that version of Chrome anymore…:rofl:

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Sorry for asking Teo!
But do I have to upload the whole project file because according to this video:
The person only uploads the index file.

@Ankit Can you help him?


I also have question about game uploading. I wanted to upload a couple of my games about 10 days ago. Followed @hashelven instruction but nothing happened when I submitted the games. I checked the link it gives after you upload the zip files and the games worked as intended there.

I understand the team might be crawling under game proposals so that validation can take some time, but is there any way to know if the game I submitted is properly submitted and waiting for validation/acceptance ? Something like an automatic confirmation e-mail if you properly uploaded your game?


Hi, @NextDoorGameDev

Could you give the games names, so I can check, thanks!

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I have uploaded my game and have successfully reached 11 thousand plays within 3 days. You can play it:-

Can u please tell me how can I see the status of the game including revenue, etc?
Note: I haven’t uploaded SDK in my game.
Please tell me so that I can go there and remove my doubts.
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