Uploading my game and nothing happens


Hello, I go to the y8 upload section and upload my game, I get nothing. I waited for few days now and my game is nowhere to be found.


Hi, can you please tell me your game name


The game name is Jump Freely


Should I try uploading it again? I still don’t see it on the site


so what kind of game did upload in y8?


I used HTML5 format, it is a casual game for kids called Jump Freely I don’t know if I am allowed to give you a link here


Hi, cant find your game in the backend. please upload again or you can send me link here of the game, we will check and process it.


I uploaded it aging it does not work, so I will leave the link of the game here on my one drive.



@Ankit I am a game developer and i want to talk about my game licensing but i cannot p.m you.

Are you able to p.m me ?


@IndieDev New forum user restriction. Changed it, you should be able to send a pm to Ankit now.