Uploading games with video ads


I got message from y8 something like this,

"We can discuss about advertising partnership which includes video ads within every 3 minutes. Dashboard is available and the ads are served via Google Adsense.

Are you interested in something like this?"
But after that no reply.

I would like to add games here on y8 with that ad integeration. Please Message me,

Many thanks,
M Yawer


@Ankit and @eddie



Yes, that is something we are already doing with many developers so far. Have you shared the games, for showcase and evaluation? As many games we had with partnership, not all are performing enough to make funds, so its in dev’s interest for the games to be good and playable a lot.

Would you mind sharing your games here?



I am interest to sharing my games here. Is it possible with google ads?



You can add from here. :slight_smile: