⚽ Ultimate Football Game!: Football Legends

Do you like football games? :slightly_smiling_face: This one is for you! Football Legends 2019 is a newer version following the previous hit game Football Legends 2016

This cool football is super fun to play and allows you to save your game progress with Y8 Save feature. Start off with a Tournament or a Random Match! :trophy: :soccer:


Pick any player you like in single player mode :soccer:

Or, pick any team you like for the 2 player mode :soccer:

Feel free to play the Y8 Team :y8: :star_struck:

Use those power kicks! :fire: :sunglasses:


If you like more challenge, play against 2 players :sunglasses:

Enjoy playing this fun football :soccer: game here at Y8.com! :arrow_down:

Watch here the Game Walkthrough :arrow_down:

Install and play the mobile Android app on your mobile devices :iphone: :arrow_down:


wow! :wink:


hey what this image


wait… mine?

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Cái game này hack đc đấy !.. Hack bằng cho một cầu thủ đội mình nhảy vào lưới, lấy thân mình chặn bóng thì bóng sẽ ko bao giờ vào lưới, tôi thắng nhiều r, còn thằng tiền đạo chỉ việc cân team thui !!!

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hi what is going on

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ya hey

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What y8 forum was hacked?

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no, why ?



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