TTMA Arena


Welcome to Talk to my axe Arena, “when the hero of Talk to my axes meet spiders”
Fight against many spiders and other monsters, big bosses, bonus weapon, good music.
Try to kill the last ugly boss, and after try to make a high score in endless mode with a new fun weapon

Effects on weapons

Who is ready to kill many spiders ?

Don’t hesitate to suggest ideas for a future release :wink:

Have fun

unlisted #2

listed #3


the game is online and apparently you like it

What do you want we add on the next version ?
More mobs ?


Looking better than first version :grin:
More mobs!


We are doing a update with a new weapon and screenshots it will be online in few days :wink:


You should add more weapons to the mix. And make the axes more effective.



If you use well the axe it is really effective
Try Axe + Rocket launcher, hurt mobs with second one and kill with axe to recover hp
It is the way to make a HIGH HIGH score