🚚 Truck Driving on a Cra-a-azy Road!

Hey guys, do you like truck games? Have you ever dreamed about driving a truck? This amazing game takes it on another level of driving a cargo truck with some load to deliver! You have to deliver the goods to the ramp! Sounds easy to do? :crazy_face: Wait til’ you experience those bumps on the road! :warning: :construction:

Let’s take the truck into our hands and drive it now! :truck: Driving a truck on this offroad path will surely test your patience and balance in keeping control of the truck.


Truck can get stuck so badly :unamused: :confounded: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Even on the final ramp, the truck’s tire can still get stuck! ouch! :construction: so be careful!


Click on this when feel like driving the truck :truck: will be better in a different perspective :wink:


My personal favorite is the top level view :star_struck: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Click on this twice to get the high beam head light on! :flashlight: :wink:


Never forget using your brake :stop_sign: on steep descend like this one…pretty dangerous curve ahead! :worried: :warning:


Those boulders can knock out your load off the truck with a slight nudge so be careful! :disappointed_relieved:

But overall, this truck driving game gives a thrilling experience that driving a truck :truck: will be exciting and scary at the same time :joy: :raised_hands:


At one point in the game, you’d be happy to meet that ramp once again :rofl: :checkered_flag:

This game has Y8 achievements feature as well as Y8 leaderboard so you can keep playing and setting your best records! :medal_sports: :trophy: :+1: It’s also part of the series and you can play the other part of the series here


So are you ready drive the truck on this long winding road? :mountain: :wink:

Play this game here now :arrow_down:

Here’s the part 2: Truck Driver Crazy Road 2 :arrow_down: ( Enjoy! :smiley: )

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