Transfering account


Game: Freefall Tournament

**Problem:**I transfered my account from kongregate but i didnt get anything from there. I tried to transfer again but it says i already did it.
kongregate name: dansator
frefall tournament name: VALENTIN
All my money i had i put into upgrading shocker and i wont start from 0 once more.
Maybe i transfered it into another account and i forgot.
Please help :sob:


Transferring account is disabled ATM because the devs left


XD why did u even tried that thing dude now so sad u have to start from start xD :joy::joy::rofl::rofl:


that’s the way things work bro u need to understand the reality end,


well there is no starting over bc i wont even bother playing it without having the shocker


well just stop playing it like me the is dead no need to waste time on it for me.