Traffic Run Game - A great addictive one!




I can still impersonate that game is very much better than the other ones to run, but this time, you can play this game!

Oh, I could start! :slight_smile:

You can also even avoid these cars, but they cannot stop because of them!

Wow! I passed this level!

So, avoid them and really, they cannot stop, they ride off, and take itโ€™s place, so you might also keep it and then, you can ride yourself like a car or something else! :slight_smile:

Wow! I passed another level! :slight_smile:

So, Good Luck enjoying it! :slight_smile:

Play Now! Without Flash!

Do you like this game?

  • Yes! :star_struck:
  • Could be better :confused:
  • Never mind :slight_smile:
  • Noโ€ฆ :frowning:

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