Throne Defender


And I destroyed town no. 7 for more than hundred times but don’t get this achievments.Ha Ha I think it was locked.


quagan help me it wiped my data i didnt tell it toooo helllppppp!!!


quagan help me pls reply as fast as u can




I Need More Space For My Base Pls If Its Really online add players to defeat other players :baby:


I was playing throne defender. When I went off, and went back on my game went from saying Lv. 11 to Lv. 0. Why was my game deleted?


My game reset, but the data is still there. Can anyone explain what happened?


What happened in leaderboard?Just eror or beated by hackers.This make leaderboard worthless.


developers can you please make it so there is a entire base edit, and also can you make it so you can select more then one wall at a time because it takes forever to get them all upgraded and also im trying to set my base up different and i need to get rid of the walls but its taking so long. please fix or update. also please make it so you can upgrade multiple walls at a time.


tengo nivel 60 y no tengo narices a encontrar cómo subir el ayuntamiento a nivel 15, y el caso es que hay un logro y todo pero no se qué hay que hacer, todo desarrollado pero no puedo subir más…qué hay que hacer?




I know


hello @Gab2010!