Throne Defender


New update !


look like clash of clan but not =) =0


i have had mine resent 3 xs in two days. what is the problem? i’m new and would like some help, plz.


it is the best game ever made even tho roblox is awesome theis is better than awesome it is so cool!


nice base




Guys Thank you For Making me Happy In this game. :slight_smile:
Bye bye Throne Defender…


Thank you ajihon… :blush:


hola soy david soy nuevo y soy nivel 25




hola amigos


Why I won town 7 for several times but didn’t brought me to town 8 .Tell me please.


You say that you upgraded your town city hall level 7, then when you try to upgrade it level 8, you can’t ?


My town hall level14,I mean I attacked and won enemy town 7( sorough ) for several times but the game didn’t brought me to attack next enemy town automaticly as enemy town 1 to 7.I know if I defeated the next attack will step back .As this Quagan ,when I victory enemy town 6(nethan) the next attack will be enemy town 7(sorough) automaticly but I win enemy town 7(sorough) again and again but never see the next town for a time.Can you advise me please.Thank you very much Quagan.I 'll wating for your notes.


Ah ok i understand.
well, no, there is no bug, you are just fighting the highest ennemy town in the game.
Good job !


Thank you Quagan and you mean no achievments “Land conqueror-Destroy 10 towns” anymore?.It seem many players don’t know this.But not a matter.In the last I’ll thank you again for your empathize


hi quagan im a fan love the game lol pls reply


In fact, it’s not " destroy town #10 " but destroy 10 town.
so you can destroy town one 10 times :wink:


hehe glade to hear that ! :slight_smile:


thanks for replying,how long have u been playing the game??