This time round is my another different problem again!

i don’t Like your profile because its not Love
Like when i see your profile it is hurting my feelings and emotions
my heart and eyes feel Like crying
i sleep on my bed, but i could not relax and feel your Love
oof my head hurts and i am really feel tired of standing up
i Let the guys know about this

wtf man, can you tell me your matter and what’s happened?

Teo2 ,congrats ur a true karen

no i mean this girl is boring and not pretty
her hair is ugly
her face is also ugly
her voice i don’t know
Her profile picture makes me and my heart feel depressed :broken_heart:
her hand is not beautiful and Looks unclean
even if i were to hold her hands i will not feel her Love at all
and after all this Y8 Forum is dead and being destroyed by girls
Moderators here could not do anything to entertain me
And that’s why i am forever Like this


I guess ur right

I just hate that they post topics to find out which anime is your favorite.


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lmfao lmfao

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my only advice is to enjoy your life and be happy in spite of your problems and ignore what annoys you

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“Destroyed by girls” well glad I don’t identify as anything :smiley:

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